compounding all the phrases that forgot to rearrange into a half coherent form

without a change your restless cullings sought appraisement dried the well so in the waiting i perform

defined by recognition this foundation disilludes to go stay held up in the dorm

and in some streets reflect your face around the corners where you eat and still i’m dried up on your shore



looking back to find you

staring through your windows

trying not to fall through

cracks beneath my feet



it’s all ok from here

and nothing isn’t clear

i’m finding it’s all here

i know that you can hear



im falling down the hill





here in the place

i've always known

it's in this house

i've never shown

i found a place

don't ever care

i look out side

and nothings waiting to be found

i found a way

i'm getting by

i'm finding trust

i'm getting by

i see your hole

i see your stare

i know it's

uncomfortable to breathe

i tried to go

i tried to stay

i tried to say that it is all the same to me



and its all the same to me

and its all the same to me

and its all the same to me

i'm fucking nowhere spitting seeds at concrete walls to mask the



fucking aggravation



i don't know whats left for me in this occupation

times no friend to all this



fucking isolation

im falling down the hill



i fucking know

whats in your eyes

i hear you talk

it's always better off than nothing

and nothing really works



i'm falling down the hill