i hold in all the things i wish i could just say

overgrown and overwhelmed with all the possible beliefs

in my isolation i am in control

(it looks outside with all these half forgotten ohh)

(it’s not a wasted bit of time)

in my isolation i am in control

(it’s not a wreckage but a lifeline to your offerings but how could i not see it)

(i try and try to go outside at night to find)

with understanding we will learn how to console

(in the morning)

(it’s everyday out here)

in my isolation i am in control




can’t sleep

forgetting how to speak

can’t convey the subtleties

if not myself then who’s to blame for falling out of grace with iron lungs that sink her further to the ground

and try to see through

cause in the morning when i wake i think of you

far away from what’s been done

In the wake of all these fervent acclimations to compete

(in the hours left away don’t say goodbye i won’t be long)

the waves will break atop the fuck shit stuck inside

(i won’t be long i won’t be long)

you’re right